Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2010
As my year closes on April 23rd, 2011 with the crowning of the new Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2011 I reflect on the lessons I've learned, the new relationships built, and the new goals that will take me into my future.  I will forever remain Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2010.  I have met a great many people this year.  Some have taught me how to be a better advocate.  Some have just been my friend.  Some have let me be of service to them and have touched my life in ways words could not describe.  I look forward to my continued commitment to a life of service to others for I have found my niche in life and it enlightens me daily.
Thank you to all who supported me, sponsored me and just cared for me .  Thank you for believing in me.

Keep an eye out for more of what is in store.  I have projects in the works and I hope to continue to advocate in Washington, D.C. for complex rehab technology, the Community Choice Act, and other legistlation important to the independence and achievements of those with disabilities.  Remember.... Together Everyone Achieves More.!!!
What an AWESOME experience.  It truly was a once in a lifetime event that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I can only compete ONCE.  28 States were represented this year and we were all WINNERS.  Only one incredible woman could be chosen to represent America and Ms. Wheelchair Noth Carolina, Alexandra MacArthur was chosen to be the titleholder.  I had the pleasure of having her on my team for our scavenger hunt on day one.  I immediately got to know what a wonderful person she is. 

I made so many friends during the event.  I look forward to seeing them again very soon.  I am planning to attend the Abilities Expo in Atlanta, Georgia in October and I am sure I will see some of them there.

Thank you to all the people that believed in me and supported me through the fundraising, the shopping, the craziness of preparing my speech and presentations for judging.  God Bless you all.  Without your support, I would not have made it.

To my family whom I love so much.  Thank you for encouraging me to be what God wants me to be - an Advocate, a teacher, but most important a mother that can be proud of who she is inside and out.  I will continue to build a legacy for my daughter to remember and live by.

I am back home in Alabama with so much that I want to accomplish.  I have started classes for my BS in Elementary Education at Athens State University.  I am still working on my nonprofit efforts for the Abilities Council, and I am still a Girl Scout and Girl Scout Volunteer.

I am available for speaking engagements just get in touch with me via email at
The Abilities Council Achievement Academy is a new school that is opening in Huntsville, AL.  It will provide a superior education for those children that have special needs like Autism, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and the like.  Please ckeck your newspaper for information coming up on our fundraiser for our GRAND OPENING.

We are preparing our building now and getting registration guidelines and curriculum ironed out.  For more information you can email

I am proud to be one of the Founders of this foundation and school.  God is guiding our every step and we look forward to providing Education, Advocacy, Partnership Opportunities and Referrals to the Special Needs poulation in Norh Alabama.
I am starting my fundraising efforts to get the entry fee and money for expenses to the Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant.  This Pageant is National and there will be women from every state competing for the National title of Ms. Wheelchair America.  To find out what we do as Advocates please check out the national website at .

Sponsorship letters have gone out to some organizations and businesses.  We are selling raffle tickets for great prizes and also selling skating passes to a local skating rink.  More information will be posted so those interested can get involved or buy some tickets!!

You can help out by doing some online shopping or using the search engine to search the web at  Please see the banner below and please help out the Ms. Wheelchair Alabama Foundation by using iGive to donate one penny for each search or up to 26% of your online purchases to our cause.  You don't pay the donation.... iGive handles that.

If your business, organization or you as individual are interested in donating to help me get to National Pageant - Ms. Wheelchair America please contact me.  All money is tax deductible as the foundation is a 501(c)3 organization certified by the IRS.

Thank you in advance for your support to promote Achievement, Advocacy and Opportunity for women with disabilities in Alabama.
My daughter and I had a wonderful time walking for Autism.  We raised $240 and our team members raised their own amounts too.  Cathy's teachers and principal walked with us to fight Autism.  There was a huge gala of booths and Moon bounces and craft booths for the kids.  Face painting too!

Thank you to all the sponsors and all the hard working volunteers for your tireless efforts to make this event wonderfully successful.

Watch the local news stations for coverage. or

I visited the State House to Advocate for Autism Awareness, Education, and Services for all people on the spectrum.  My daughter has Asperger Syndrome and other related disorders.  I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Cam Ward and be a part of a very im

Hello everyone.  Thanks for visiting my website and reading my blog.  I am gearing up for a big day in Montgomery, AL on March 30th.  It is Autism Legislative Day and I am looking forward to talking to my legislators about Autism and programs that need to remain funded and expanded upon. 

1 in 110 children are affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD).  We need to address this issue and make sure our children get the services they require in order to create the best quality of life.

Please come out and walk on my team on April 10th.  It is the Walk For Autism.  Or you can make a tax deductible donation at