Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2010
As my year closes on April 23rd, 2011 with the crowning of the new Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2011 I reflect on the lessons I've learned, the new relationships built, and the new goals that will take me into my future.  I will forever remain Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2010.  I have met a great many people this year.  Some have taught me how to be a better advocate.  Some have just been my friend.  Some have let me be of service to them and have touched my life in ways words could not describe.  I look forward to my continued commitment to a life of service to others for I have found my niche in life and it enlightens me daily.
Thank you to all who supported me, sponsored me and just cared for me .  Thank you for believing in me.

Keep an eye out for more of what is in store.  I have projects in the works and I hope to continue to advocate in Washington, D.C. for complex rehab technology, the Community Choice Act, and other legistlation important to the independence and achievements of those with disabilities.  Remember.... Together Everyone Achieves More.!!!
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